The President of The Republic of Indonesia, Mr. JokoWidodowas in awe when he visited Raden Umar Said Vocational School’s booth in RembukNasional 2017 at JIExpo, Jakarta.

Wearing a white shirt and black pants, Mr. President asked so many questions to the booth’s companion, Primadi H. Serad. In his preparation, Primadi told the story of how he made the curriculum for the Animation program inRaden Umar Said Vocational School.

He said that his side had first consulted with the animation industry users. According to him, it is important to determine what skills are needed by the animation industry. “So, when they graduate, their skillsets can be directly applied to the industry”, said the Program Director of Djarum Foundation.

He added that the Animation Vocational School was made in such a way so that students can feel comfortable when learning at school. “The school starts at 07:00 am and sometimes they won’t beback home until late night, because they enjoy learning at school”, said Primadi to Jokowi.

Mr. President also praised the school. According to Jokowi, Animation Vocational School is a school that can be emulated by other schools, from the curriculum that adapts with the industry’s needs to thepleasant learning atmosphere and abundance of facilities.