RUS Animation is the largest animation studio in Central Java province with international-standard facilities. It is surrounded by tranquil countryside that acts as a sanctuary for creative imagination where animation masterpieces are born.

Here, this studio is supported by an R&D team that specializes in developing tools and technology to facilitate the animation production process. These factors enable RUS Animation Studio to compete in price, quality, and time management of projects.

RUS Animation Studio offers project-based services across the animation pipeline, from Pre-production (Storywriting, Concept Art, Storyboarding, Animatic, 3D Assets), Animation Production (Layout, Animation, Lighting, VFX, Rendering, Compositing), Post-production (Editing, Music Scoring, Color Grading), 3D Game Development, Augmentedand Virtual Reality (AR/VR) Development Services, to 3D Photogrammetry.

Our Team

Our studio is established by the most passionate people, and that is exactly why we attract talented and exciting people to join our wonderful team.