There’s something unique with one of the vocational schools in Kudus, Central Java. Its modern facilities allow students to feel comfortable while studying, event until midnight.

In Raden Umar Said Vocational School, you will find many students studying after hours, even when class time is over. This school modifies the conventional education system to be more fun without breaking down the goals to be achieved in the learning process.

Raden Umar Said Vocational School uses two systems which are the balance between theory and practical.

The students are not forced to go home after 9 PM; rather they do it out of their own free will as many of the facilities provided, including a gaming room, are facilities that they do not have at home. was looking for what is different from Raden Umar Said Vocational School from other Vocation Schools in general.

Roni, The Head of Administration of RUS Vocational School said there are two systems applied during the learning process, in the classroom and practice room. He even admitted that the learning process still refers to three things; normative, adaptive, and productive.

However, whatdifferentiate the school from othersare the additional facilities at provided.

There are five vocations available at RUS Vocational School; Graphics, Graphics Production, Visual Communication & Design, Animation, and Software Engineering. 

“The curriculum remains the same, but for students who still want to deepen the animation, the school will give time for them so that they can use the lab to the maximum. Moreover, our school providesabove average facilities”, he explained.

He hopes with all of the system and support facilities, students can maximize their potential and feel comfortable to learn. According to Roni, the style of learning by listening to the teacher who talks in front of the class is a rigid system.

RUS Vocational School gives freedom to their school to hone creativity and the expressions of the work that is made, so the talents and potential of students can be explored.

This learning method has been implemented for three years and will continue to run.

In addition to the practice rooms, RUS Vocational School provides supporting facilities such as gyms, and various places with a unique design that are deliberately created to make students more relaxed.

Regarding students who often come home late at night, Roni confirmed this.

“Most (go home) at 21:00. Here, the atmosphere is made to enjoy. There are also support facilities such as gym for sports, places to hang out, and also for expressions. It’s designed unlike a school, but rather a hotel lobby” said Roni.

In Kudus itself, a modern school like RUS Vocational School is not the first. There are many Vocational Schools that applies the same concept.