Head of The Creative Economic Agency in Indonesia (Bekraf), Mr. Triawan Munaf stated that animation learning studios in the future could be an economic booster for Raden Umar Said (RUS) Vocational High School.

“Besides working in the field of the animated film, animation education have the potential to be an economic booster. They could make accessories, trinkets, games, etc. They can make a living from those products” he said.

He continued, animation films can be linked with the creative economy. Creativity could expedite someone's economic life. Because of that, creativity should be sharpened at school.

With the curriculum of animated films, He and Bekraf hope that future the graduates of Raden Umar Said Vocational High School can be creative with the knowledge that they learned from school.

“At least, with their knowledge, a thousand of these graduates will be able to create well. Creativity is very valuable.” He said.

He added, for the continuation of the creativity, students will be guided by the experts. So, when they graduate, they can apply their knowledge to real life.

Source murianews.com