Vocational education has become the most relevant solution to overcome unemployment problems while also growing the domestic industry at the same time. Therefore, Djarum Foundation is currently focusing on improving the quality of vocational schools, especially in Kudus, Central Java, where Djarum factory exists.

Primadi H. Serad, Program Director of Djarum Foundation’s “Bakti Pendidikan”, said that they have education programs for a better teacher and school quality to generate highly valued students. “We have conducted training in 18 vocational high schools aimed to improve the quality of skilled workers in Indonesia. Thus, they will be ready to enter the workplace,” said Primadi H. Serad in Kudus, Wednesday (25/9/2018).

The program starts with aligning the school curriculum and industry demands. Hence, Djarum Foundation involves professionals to ensure the conformity between those two. In further, Djarum Foundation trains teachers and provides certification that meets the industry standards.

Industry-standard facilities are also required to minimize the gap between what they learn in school and what they will experience later in their workplace. ‘Teaching factory’ was established to prepare students in accomplishing the actual work given by industry to schools, by working in according to the customer demands.

However, there were challenges in executing the program in Kudus. “Because our program principle is qualified schools and teachers, we find difficulties to get teachers who have certain competencies, principals who have adequate leadership skills, and proficient student input,” Primadi H. Serad continued.

Djarum Foundation plans to go elsewhere with other studies and expertise. There are four fields of study to prepare for next year, with 20 different skills.

This education program initiative has started since 1963 by building schools in Kudus. Furthermore, the quality improvement of vocational high schools began in 2011. Until 2018, there are 16 competencies from 4 field of expertise that have been adjusted to produce competitive graduates. It is expected to meet the needs of labors in Indonesia and international.

Source Liputan 6