The skills of students from Raden Umar Said Vocational School, Kudus, Central Java might make senior animators in the country smile proudly. The reason is that they have succeeded in making a three-dimensional animated film titled Pasoa and The Brave.

“All the film-making processes were made by 38 students,” Daniel Harjanto said in a speech titled “Building Animation Indonesia’s Human Resources” from the PopCon Asia main 1 qstage which took place at the Jakarta Convention Center, Senayan, Saturday.

Some teachers do help in the work of Pasoa and the Brave, but they are limited to be a companion who provides advice and give students some inputs regarding their mistakes. Mentors are also involved to make the time more efficient.

Daniel, who has been in computer animation and graphics since 1983 is a technical advisor at Raden Umar Said (RUS) Animation studio, which was built by Djarum Foundation, Autodesk Inc, and Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation. Just like the name, the studio is the place of practice for students of RUS Vocational School, Animation Department.

The pre-production phase is the discussion of concept and ideas of Pasoa and the Brave story line, which began in February 2015. Entering March 2016, aligned with the inauguration of RUS Animation Studio, the production process has continued until now.

“The pre-production stage is difficult and time-consuming  because we had to make story ideas, character, scripts, storyboard, and go back and forth with revisions. Once we entered the productions process, it was a lot smoother” said Daniel at an interview with

These struggles were also experienced by Muslikin, a graduate of RUS Vocational School. He was in charge of making various shapes of trees that appeared in Pasoa and the Brave film. At a glance, it might look simple.

“Once I tried, it was very difficult. I had to make a tree as similar as possible to the design, including the movement of each leaves when it blew off.” Said that eighteen years old boy who inspires to be an animator.

This film tells a story about a mythological animal named Pasoa, whose mission was to protect the bio-diversity of Indonesia.

The moral of the story is about the importance of protecting natural wealth and to introduce Indonesia’s traditional fairytales.

As a complement, the theme song of this 25-minutes animated film was sung by Isyana Sarasvati.

“I’m proud to be a part of this Indonesian youth’s animated film project, Pasoa and the Brave, as a composer of this movie’s soundtrack,” wrote Isyana on her official Instagram account.

“Our purpose for this film is so that students are familiar with the production process of an animated film. Whether it will be aired in cinema, TV station, or Youtube is another matter. For now, the production process is at 60 percent. Hopefully, it will be completed by November 2016” said Daniel.